BBQ Pitmasters!

OK, so I have to admit that I have only watched a few of the BBQ Pitmaster shows on TLC ( but the episodes that I did catch were entertaining.  I think I mused about one episode in an earlier post, but nevermind that.  My rationale for using it as the title for this post (other than driving up Blog visits!) was to reference last night’s installment which consisted of several teams, most of whom were featured in the show, having a private competition amongst themselves.

I thought this was something that really captured the essence of BBQ Competition and more importantly, it represented a type of competition that is incredibly accessible!  My point being that if you are a back yard ‘Smoker’ (of the BBQ variety) and you want to compete…getting to and competing in a Kansas City BBQ Society or MBN or even a regional BBQ competition can be quite an effort.  There’s figuring out how to get everything there and what all you’ll need to prepare your specialties, familiarizing yourself with all the rules to insure that you don’t get eliminated right off the bat, learning to cook outside of your ‘comfort zone’ and finally the expense of it all.  For us, the cost to compete in just one event can run easily into the thousands of dollars!

Using last night’s episode of BBQ Pitmasters as an example, a group of like minded neighbors or friends in close proximity to one another could quite easily put together their own showdown and do so with minimal effort and expense.  At minimum, it would be a great way to spend some time with your friends and fellow BBQ lovers and perhaps you’d even pick up a trick or two in the process!  Heck, there have been legions of ‘Iron Chef’ imitators arise from that popular series…this is a similar deal! 

NOW, I’m not sayin’ that you shouldn’t aspire to do a bigger BBQ Competition…in fact I have opined many times here on the Blog about the need to support your Regional and National BBQ Associations (KCBS, NBBQA, et. al.)  There is TONS of information and experience to be gained from these competitions and I would highly recommend you try one if you want to!  I just think that what makes BBQ so Great in the first place is having the time to slow down a bit, spending it with good friends and family and enjoying the final product with smiles on your faces!  If drumming up a local competition would help this happen…I’m all for it!   Hey, did I mention that GreatQ4U! teaches Competition BBQ??? (shameless plug!)  Visit us at: for more info!

Until next time…keep the smokers burning and the snow at bay!!! – jak


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