Smokin’…it’s not just for your MEAT anymore!!!

So, if you are a BBQ enthusiast or competitor this may not be news to you, but for those thinking about purchasing a smoker for your home don’t let the thought that you’ll only use it ‘every once in a while’ hold you back!  I know, I know…there are other considerations like price and convenience (which is kind of the ‘anti-bbq’ to begin with!), but these issues can be addressed in a number of ways.  Again, a nice thing about pellets is…plug it in, set your temp and in 15 minutes, you’re smokin!  Although Charcoal and Wood options can be pretty easy too…just find your local or closest BBQ supply folks…give ’em a call first to make sure that they seem knowledgable and then head out to talk to them about what kind of Q-ing you want to do!

Now that we’ve covered that base, here’s the point of the post…I have had LOTS of folks say to me, ‘Jim, I got a smoker and only used it a couple times a year, otherwise it just sat there taking up space on my porch and was hard to move!!!’ – well, my consistent response is SHAME ON YOU!  Typically when I investigate the reasons for this dilemma, it always seems to come back to ‘I just don’t want to spend all that time smoking meat that often!’ or some variation of that theme.  WELL…you don’t have to!  Anything that can be cooked in your oven, can be cooked on a smoker…and with some practice can be even better!  Yep…fish, pizza, steaks and more are all quite good when prepared on a smoker.  We’ve done pineapple casserole, gumbo and even CHEESECAKE on our smokers, all with surprisingly good results.

If you make the right choice when buying a smoker and then commit to using it, there’s a whole world of tasty charcuterie out there awaiting you!  All you need is some knowledge and imagination and you’re cooking with smoke!  Try it, you’ll like it! 🙂 – jak


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