Support your local BBQ guy!

I know that, at first, the above may seem a self serving title and it is…a little!  All of us at GreatQ4U! would LOVE to earn your business and your loyalty.  Unfortunately, as an off-site caterer who’s plans to open a walk-up location by March are on hold due to the economy (imagine THAT), you can only have GreatQ4U! in one of two ways; most commonly if you live in or around the Central PA area and you (or a smart friend) hires us to do an event OR if you are one of our FaceBook Friends ( and you are able to attend one of the FBF only events that we’ll be doing this coming season!

Just ’cause you don’t live in or around Central PA doesn’t mean that you can’t support SOME BBQ Guy (or gal) out there!  Every  time I drive by a BBQ Restaurant, Shack or stand that’s open…I stop and eat, even if I’m not hungry!  I like to experience other takes on the ‘Q’ and more importantly, as a fan of Authentic BBQ…I like to support those who choose to follow this path and keep a long standing tradition alive!  My personal all time favorite is Arthur Bryant’s in Kansas City, #2 on my list is The ‘Q’ Shack in Durham, NC…if you ever get to either place, have some extra for me! 

Supporting these folks is more than helping out a fellow BBQ enthusiast…it’s a way to experience the influence that a particular region, pitmaster and YES even sauce (or not) has on BBQ.  It helps to make you a more ‘well rounded’ BBQ lover (in more ways than one) and it’s a great way to pick up tips on how you can make your own Great Q!  SO…next time you’re driving down the highway and you see the BBQ sign…stop in and tell them Jim sent you…after they get done thinking ‘Jim Who?’…I’m sure that they will welcome your business and maybe just light up those taste buds!!!


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