Today in BBQ Land!

As yet more snow falls from the sky upon the smoker (which is pretty hard to keep at 190 in this weather), I can’t help but wonder if someone should share the whole ‘Global Warming’ thing with the weather gods!  Worse yet…Memphis is getting slammed!  At least we’ve got some practice at keeping the smoke even in frigid winter temps, I feel sorry for all my southern brethren!  I’m sure that they are on top of things though…like any true Pitmasters, they always rise to the occasion to produce high quality “Q”!

Wondering if any one out there in the blogosphere has any good smoking/grilling in the Winter stories, tips or tricks!  It has been my personal experience that we all learn more from each other than we could ever learn in a book or on (god forbid) TV!  Not that I am saying anything bad about TV ‘Entertainment’, hey if it motivates you to get up off the sofa and head outside to smoke or grill some food…all the better!  Perhaps it’s the cold weather taking the inevitable toll on my brain after an extended snap talking, but my suggestion is that if you want to learn about REAL BBQ, either go to your local “Q” shack (if you’re lucky enough to have one) or make plans to attend a BBQ Competition in your area, the folks at either are typically willing to answer your questions and tend to be pretty nice!  Just don’t ask for any recipes in anticipation of getting theirs…it NEVER happens!  O’h they may make it sound like they’re giving you their sauce or rub recipe, but they will almost always leave something (or more) out or give you different proportions.  Nuthin’ personal, just BBQ!  If you’re looking for a competition, visit this link: and see what you can find!  Also, it’s not to late to visit the KCBS annual banquet on January 15th and 16th in Philadelphia at the Sheraton, Society Hill.  There will ne LOTS of collective BBQ knowledge there for sure!

SO…if you’ve got some wintertime Smoking, Grilling or otherwise useful tips, tricks or stories…share them with the group, we’d LOVE to hear them!  Until next time, be good…and you will be lonesome! (Mark Twain) – jak


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