Post Labor Day Update

I know…I should have posted an update sooner…Hoover’s passing was a blah note to leave it all on and we were REALLY lucky to have a chance to spend any time with a dog like him…he got me through A LOT of stress for a few years immediately preceeding my current BBQ lifestyle!  SO…in his honor we have brewed up a special ‘Organic’ batch of “Groovie Hoovie’s 7 Pepper Hab Sauce” made with our own organic Habenero, Jalapeno, Hot Banana, Cayenne, Cow Tongue, Cow Horn and Pablano peppers!  We have a VERY limited number of bottles left…10 or less to be exact…and we are offering them for $25 (5oz. bottle) with all proceeds going to a Hoover memorial in next year’s garden!  (He LOVED to eat…particularly carrots!  So I am thinking a carrot patch!)

Things remain busy here and I am personally quite thankful for that!  I truly appreciate everyone’s business and hope that we have exceeded all our client’s expectations!  We have quite a bit on our plates and are in the process of re-working and expanding our menu.  In addition, we are actively looking to add walk-up service at least 4 days a week at some point in the next 6 months…depending on many details!  I’ll keep you posted on our progress!  Finally, we are booking events into 2010 and currently offering a reduced booking fee of 25% on any 2010 event to our online readers…so it’s a good way to lock in at 2009 prices and save 5% on your booking at the same time!

Stay tuned for upcoming news about competitions, appearences and our new menu!


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