BBQ Thoughts for the day…

So, here it is on Friday morning and yet another weekend approaches!  As usual a busy one which includes quite a few miles of travelling and not nearly enough time for rest, but alas I am not complaining.  Instead I am typing a few words here following a long overdue update to the website.  Since I took the time to type the invitation for followers of my website news updates to come here, I thought that the least I could do was to type a current post!

OK, so here’s where it gets valid:  I’ve been giving a great deal of consideration to purchasing a pretty big commercial kitchen (concession style) trailer that would both serve as a fully functional mobile support unit for our catering business AND as a physical location (somewhere in the Greater Harrisburg metroplex) for folks to stop by and enjoy some Great BBQ and perhaps some things that we don’t currently offer like, say: really good hush puppies…cheesy grits….hand cut fries….you get the picture.  My question for you is this; do you think that there is a market for Authentically Wood Smoked BBQ and sides at a walk up location on the West Shore?  I mean, I know that there are some folks doing it now, but there’s simply no pulled pork around done the way we do ours! 

OK, so that’s my interactive question of the day, now I’d be interested in your responses!  Thanks – jak


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