Hog’s gettin’ HOT!

First of all I would like to wish each and every reader of this ramble a Happy Independence Day!  Hopefully you’ll not only have a relaxing weekend to enjoy friends, family and whatever else you wish to do, but you’ll also have a moment or two to think about what our Independence means and the many folks who have worked so hard to maintain it for all these years!  Thank you for keeping us free to anyone who’s ever worn the uniform and held up that flag, all of us at GreatQ4U! know what sacrifices have been made and we are truly thankful for them, recent events in Iran should remind us all just how luck we are to be free! 

Secondly…hope you’re having some BBQ this weekend!  What better way to show the american spirit than to fire up the grill, smoker or whatever and cook some tasty meat for you, your friends and family!  We are, of course gearing up for a busy weekend with the notable exception of the fact that this year, we’ve made a bit of time for ourselves!  Yep…92lbs. of hog just for us and it’s ready to go on the big smoker in a few hours!  We’ll be having a party at an ‘undisclosed location’ and working out some new tricks for the whole hog offerings, much to the delight of a few lucky folk’s taste buds!  If you’re reading this and interested in joing us for at least part of the festivities, shoot me an e-mail (Jim@GreatQ4U.com) and maybe I’ll tell you where we’re at! 🙂 Fair warning though…it WON’T be a kids/family focused event…there may be some serious partying going on!

SO…that’s today’s update, gotta’ get smokin’!  Hope you have a GREAT weekend! – jak


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