Hoy! Hoy! Summer’s here…

OK, so perhaps my last post regarding the expedited arrival of Fall was a tad premature!  As it turns out, when you spend so many hours making sure that others have all they need to enjoy their summer get-togethers and parties, I guess it’s easy to get stuck ‘in the bubble’.  Now that the rains have (at least temoprarily) subsided and that Pacific Northwest style weather has passed, I’ve been investing some effort into planning OUR parties!  It wasn’t all that long ago that I would have hosted several of them by this time of the year, but then again I was so much older then…I’m younger than that now! (Thanks Roger)  Plans are in the works for a few festivities, the first of which will occur within a week and will include a whole hog, LOTS of fruit, fresh organic veggies, delicious accompaniments and a scenic vista of the beautiful Susquehanna River!  It will be the first of a few ‘personal’ celebrations of the season, one of which will include an invite to all of our Facebook Friends…so if you’re not already on the list…join today and bring some of your friends along!  You can visit our page at: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?ref=home#/pages/GreatQ4U-BBQ-Catering-in-Central-Pennsylvania/30070237853?ref=ts

It’s Sunday morning and I just finished a relaxing cup of Dunkin Donut’s finest, truck’s clean and lawn’s not too bad!  I am looking forward to a day of semi-relaxation so that I can tell my surgeon that I was compliant with his instructions following a recent double cut for at least 12 hours! 🙂  I am also reflecting on yesterday’s Pulled Pork and Chicken which came out better (in my humble opinion) than ANY other batch so far this year!  Which brings me to a short, but relevant diatribe about Pork Butt…which as you are probably aware comes from the top of the front shoulder…NOT the butt…which is the HAM!  Anyway, just some insight for those aspiring to do this at home (which is a GREAT idea), I like to cook mine ‘blade in’.  It is a subject on which you may find some controversy and in which every Pit Master has an opinion, some cook the whole front shoulder in tact, some cook it with the bones removed and I prefer to do it with the bone in.  My rationale is simple, I personally believe that the bone and its associated connective tissues impart both flavor and moisture during the smoking process.  I mean, 16 to 20 hours on the smoker can (if not closely controlled) dry out the meat and  no one likes stringy, stick in your teeth pulled pork!

So, there’s your tip for the day and a Sunday morning reflection.  I am hoping that all who read this have the best Summer ever and that you don’t forget to make some time to spend with family and friends!  They, like this whole life, are a gift and I for one am quite thankful for both!   – Peace, love and tranquility to all! – jak


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