Whew…is it FALL yet?

No it is certainly not a complaint, merely an observation on my part!  Our season has been as busy as we like and at times…even busier!  Thanks so much to everyone who has chosen to make GreatQ a part of your events and lives so far this year!  We are certainly having a great time cooking, talking, teaching and YES…judging BBQ this season.  I am celebrating Father’s day quietly recovering from simultaneous hernia and back surgeries that have given me a new appreciation for how each item on a shish-kebab must feel!  Breakfast with my daughter and then hopefully it will remain dry enough to mow the lawn this afternoon. (I know that you said ‘take it easy’ Doc, but who else is gonna’ do it?) 

Judging BBQ?  Why yes…it has been exactly one week since my judging debut at the Beltway BBQ Showdown in the heart of Prince George’s County, MD.  We had a great time and made a few new friends not to mention the benefits of tasting  some really good Q!  Alas, it’s not all food and games this judging thing…there are some down sides too!  Hint:  Don’t use the WHOLE CAN of lighter fluid when competing in a BBQ Competition!  (I’m just sayin’!)  Nonetheless, I thought I’d bring you all up to speed on a busy, but fun season!


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