SPRING…sure doesn’t FEEL like Spring!

You’d think by now I would have given up on ranting about the cold weather, but here we are…several days into SPRING and my thermometer was darned close to the single digits this morning!  OK…that’s it for the rant and now onto the day’s news:

Organic Garden ’09 has had it’s first turning and will soon be the lucky recipient of some rich compost and peat courtesy of the tiller!  Following that, we’re READY to start planting!  We’ve got our hearty cold weather stuff on standby, including; Spuds, Onions, Beets, Artichokes, LOTS of Lettuce, Turnips and more!  Carrots and Parsnips are yet to come along with a greatly enhanced herb garden this year for even more culinary variety!  In addition to our current planting schedule, we’ll be adding a wide variety of Heirloom Tomatos, Eggplant, Brussels Sprouts, Peas of many varieties, Okra, Cukes, Pickles and of course…PEPPERS!!! Lot’s of HOT peppers planned for this season along with several colors of Bell too!  In addition to it’s Organic upkeep, this year I am quite proud that the garden will be drip watered with rainwater supplied via a pump running on Solar power!  It’s the little things!

In addition to all the gardening, we’re gearing up for our upcoming seasonal Competition debut at “Pork-In-The-Park” in Salisbury, MD on April 17th & 18th!  For folks who haven’t ever attended before this is a 2 day EVENT!  The fine folks at Wicomico County Tourism really do it up and have LOTS going on over 2 days to make it an event that you shouldn’t miss.  This year they’re expecting over 100 Competition BBQ Teams to make it the Biggest BBQ Competition East of the Mississippi!  For more info, check out: www.porkinthepark.org

Finally, ’tis the season…thanks for all who have booked their events!  If you’re looking to add GreatQ to your upcoming event, please call as soon as possible so we can check our calendar and make room for you!  We’ve got lots of stuff going on this year and look forward to our best year yet!


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