A Long December…

…hoping forgiveness for quoting Adam Duritz (The Counting Crows) here, but it seems an appriopriate phrase to describe the rapidly approaching month!  We’ve got a LOT going on in December and I am certainly not complaining.  Thanks to all of the Holiday revelers who have chosen to add some GreatQ to their festivities!  I LOVE spending all those hours tending the smoker on those sub-zero nights! (he says with a touch of sarcasm!)  I DO for sure appreciate your business and support. 

In addition to all of the gigs we’ve got scheduled for December (we have PLENTY of room for more!) we have the ‘business’ side of the business to deal with as well!  I have been busy researching and planning some MAJOR imporvements to our ability to effectively and efficiently meet the ever increasing demand for GreatQ!  I think that I’ll have some BIG news soon…I know I keep saying that, but there’s certainly some Great stuff on the horizon!

It’s also time to start considering all of those upcoming BBQ contests!  Entry dates and even deadlines are rapidly approaching!  My personal goal is to get out there and do some serious competing this year.  First of all because we LOVE to go to competitions, there’s always something to learn and our fellow competitors are always so gracious!  Another reason to compete is to get the word out about GreatQ, we are always happy to interact with visitors and to talk “Q” with any and all who are willing!  Yet another reason to compete is to support organizations that we belong to and believe in; Kansas City BBQ Society and the National BBQ Association.  Finally, and certainly not the least of the reasons to compete…HARDWARE!  Yes, that’s right…we want bragging rights and we’ll be out to earn them…so stay tuned and I’ll let you know where we’ll be!

So it is with much appreciation and thanks that I look toward the next month and the coming year with the support of all our GreatQ4U! clients past, present and (hopefully) future!  As always, I am more than willing to talk turkey (or pork, or brisket, or chicken….) with anyone interested in GreatQ, so if you’ve got something you want to talk about, shoot me an e-mail: jim@GreatQ4U.com and I’ll be in touch!  Thanks for stoppin’ by…type to you again soon! – jak


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