GreatQ4U! Website Changes

Just a quick update to point out a few things new on the GreatQ4U! website!  We’ve tried to clean up the front page a bit to make it easier for visitors to ‘take in’ all that information!  In addition, we added a direct link to our Online Store as well as a link to our new line of GreatQ4U! Cooking accessories, tees, sweats and more.  To get there you can click on the conveniently placed Tee Shirt on the home page or by simply clicking here!  We’ve started to offer a variety of things with our logo on them as a way for our loyal followers to spread the LOVE!  Quality of our logo wear & accessories is as important as the quality of our Q, so  you should expect the best!  As always, if you’ve got an issue…let us know! You can call me just about any time in the office at 717-254-1937 or visit our Customer Feedback page on the Blog here!

We’ve also made some recent format changes and content additions to our sister website,  Our goal for this site is to share not only our tips, tricks and ideas about BBQ, but to encourage others to share as well!  Visitors to the site will learn how to start the process of creating a Signature BBQ Sauce or Rub of their own, they’ll get some helpful tips from the pros and hopefully pick up some useful advice about Q!

Finally, we’re reaching out to new audiences every day through a new online advertising campaign using a number of Social Networking sites such as MySpace and FaceBook as well as a few of the bigger search engine providers!  Please visit our FaceBook page and add us to your friends list!  We welcome folks from these sites to our online ‘Q-Shack’ and hope that you’ll remember us when you’ve got an event that could use some GreatQ or if you know of someone looking for GreatQ!

That’s it for now…lots of updates to come on our BIG plans for 2009!  Look for BIG changes to our menu and opportunities to help us do some tasty R&D in the coming weeks!  Thanks for stoppin’ by – jak


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