Why Pellets???

Ah’ perhaps the most frequent question we’re asked by folks when we’re out Q-ing around!  It’s the kinda’ question that has enough to it to get some folks all stirred up.  That said, I can answer the question pretty easily with the caveat that there might be some BBQ folks out there who take ‘issue’ with my rationale.  A good place to look for verification of my assertions would be the winner’s stands of your bigger BBQ competitions.  See what folks are using and decide for yourself what’s good for your intentions!

Now that I’ve got THAT out of the way, the reasons that we use Pellets for cooking GreatQ are pretty simple;  First of all, the quality is consistent.  All our pellets are 100% hardwoods from a wide variety of trees, no filler or glue or anything like the stuff that’s in pellets for woodstoves!  Secondly, pellets allow us to create perfectly blended ‘custom’ smoke using a consistent amount of smoke from one wood mixed with another or several others for that matter!  Finally, the auger and fan driven system in the Treager Grills allows us to pretty precisely control the temperature of the smoker.

SO…Great quality, Consistent ‘Custom Blend’ Smokes and Precise Temperature control tossed together with the relative low maintenance and the hour or so of sleep you get overnight at the competitions make pellets the right choice for us!


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