Looking ahead, one eye on the past…

Wow…its November already!  Trick or Treat has come and gone and that blasted candy still sits on the kitchen table…calling out to me everytime that I walk by!  We’ve just completed the longest and most historic election season perhaps of all time and everyone is watching their purse strings closely.  It is truly a crazy time to be at the helm of any ship trying to navigate the troubled waters of the business world.  Our success is because of our clients and I am grateful for it, in fact I constantly consider the many ways we could improve on what we already do pretty well!  Sure, there are the occasional mishaps; spilled baked beans, tough corn, etc…but the bigger challenge is knowing exactly what the next step should be.

One thing is for sure, we are prepared to knock the socks off our 2008 performance and it was pretty good!  We’ve focused a great deal of energy on increasing our capacity while maintaining our ability to insure quality.  We will never sacrifice the quality of our Q for anything!  Not deadlines or profit margins, not customer demands or inavailability of product…we always put the Q first!  I strongly believe that if your call yourself GreatQ4U, than that’s exactly what you should deliver!

Stay tuned to the blog to be the first to know what our plans for the upcoming months and year will be.  I will make sure that the news hits here before it goes anywhere else.  A few hints; look for us at more competitions in 2009 and be prepared for us to dramatically improve our abilities to very effectively cater ANY kind of event!  I’ve probably already said too much! 

One thing we can always use is summer help!  If you know anyone who’s a true Q Enthusiast, have them drop us a line to info@greatq4u.com and we’ll be happy to talk to them about opportunities to help!

As always…make it a Great Day! – jak


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