Keep on Q-ing!!!

Just cleaned up the leaves from my yard yesterday…AGAIN!  Worse yet, as I look up there are still LOTS of leaves on those trees…it gets me every year!  Woke up this morning and it was 22 degrees outside and the last of our Pepper plants has finally succumbed to the season, happy with all the heat we got from the pepper patch this year!  My reason for talking about the season of course has something to do with “Q”!  (OK…I know the rhyming is a bit much…sorry)

I digress into my cold weather diatribe because while I love the Fall, I am not the biggest fan of cold weather and even less a fan of Winter, but that doesn’t get in the way of the “Q”.  As it turns out, most folks seem to equate BBQ with the Summer months which isn’t the case for us as you might imagine!  We think GreatQ is an all season treat and we deliver it all year long!  In fact, I have a theory about the ‘cooler’ months and the Q that we create during them.  You see…it takes a bit longer on the smoker to get everything just right in cold weather.  My feeling is that the additional time on the Pit leads to even Great-er Q!  Of course, everything in BBQ is up for debate, but we did some Ribs and Pulled Pork recently that was as good as it gets! 

Anyway, my point being that we’ve got the Pit burning all Winter long and BBQ brings smiles to people’s faces as much in February as it does on July 4th!  PLUS, Smoked Turkey for the Holidays is a truly tasty treat!  We are filling up the calendar with Holiday Parties and Family Gatherings, so give us a call and let us cook the Bird this year…you won’t be disappointed!

Every day is a gift…enjoy the season and thanks for stopping by! – jak


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