Tough Times…GreatQ…Even Better Offers!

As the leaves begin to change and “Q” Season (if there is such a thing…I’d like to think NOT) begins to wind down a bit, we’re doing our best to remind our clients and fellow BBQ lovers that we cook “Q” year round!  Lots of stuff going on to spread the word, we’re doing direct mail and have made a few changes to the website. (

We are also doing our best to help you beat the ever increasing cost of EVERYTHING!  We still are offering FREE DELIVERY for clients within 25 miles of Carlisle.  We’ve also got two current special offers: First is the “Book by November 30th at 2007 Prices” promo which offers a 5% discount for any 2009 Event booked by November 30, 2008 and our second promo is a reduced Booking Fee of 20% for ’09 events…down from 30%, which lasts until November 30th as well!

We do expect that we will have to raise prices due to a significant amount of pressure from all sides.  I am not sure when that price increase will occur, but I believe it will happen by year’s end.  To combat the increasing costs, we’re re-evaluating our menu and adding bigger portions where we can.  As always, we still work with each and every client to create menus that meet their tastes and their budgets!  I’ll keep you posted as these things progress!

‘Til then, thanks for visiting the Blog!  –   jak


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