Upcoming BBQ Competition Plans…

Well, 2008 turned out to be a truly Great year for business thanks to our many customers…it seems that most of our time was spent catering and not competing!  Not to mention a wife finishing her schooling just as a daughter heads off!  Busy, busy, busy!

We did manage to sneak in an appearance at ‘Pork-In-the-Park’ this past May in Salisbury, MD.  What a GREAT event that was!  The folks from the Wicomico County Parks & Rec Department were A#1 and our fellow competitors AWESOME!  Overall a good showing at that competition with our Butt and Ribs placing in the top 40 out of 84 teams.  Sent the parts of a whole Chicken to the judges and they rewardwed me with last place!  Lesson learned…perhaps thighs in the next competition!  Anything Butt, we smoked some Virginia Oysters and served them in a nice fresh mignonette with some asian pepper sauce to accent both visually and on the palate…the bribe didn’t work, but we were in the top 30!

I also took the KCBS Certified Judge course at Meadow Creek Welding this past Spring with my good friend Richard Osenberg of Racer’s Cafe fame in Parkville, MD.  We had a great time, but alas no opportunities to put those judging skills to work yet.  I plan on doing my fair share of judging next season as we prepare to hit the circuit once more in 2009!

For now…thanks for the memories…


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